about FIONA

My journey to making gemstone jewellery is a little unusual. I started my working life as a doctor, then specialised as an eye surgeon. While I still do some work at my local hospital, my main focus has now shifted towards jewellery and gemmology. My background has furnished me with skills I put to excellent use in my life as a jeweller: precision, problem solving, perseverance, and patience. 

Along the way I have also developed a fascination with the beautiful gemstones I have come across. I was hungry to learn more, and signedI have always been fascinated by the journey of gemstones, from their origins within the depth of the Earth to the beautiful sparkling forms we use in our jewellery. My gemmology knowledge was cemented through my education with the Gemmological Association of Great Britain, leading to my FGA status. It felt a natural progression to use that knowledge learning to facet gemstones. Now both my own hand-cut gems, and my desire to pass on the knowledge and appreciation that I have gained to my customers, have become central to my brand.  .

Wise Fig Jewellery was born out of necessity when I realised my jewellery making habit was getting rather out of control. Since its slightly confused initial days it has found its identity, and grown from strength to strength. Named after my two daughters (Sophie and Beth in case you are wondering, not Wise and Fig), it now focuses on individual, handmade pieces crafted from precious metals, and centred around my artisan-cut gemstones, giving my jewellery true individuality. 


I am a firm believer that we need to give back more than we take, and strive to make Wise Fig Jewellery as eco-friendly and sustainable as I can. I strongly support using traceable and ethically mined gemstones where possible, and ensure that my gem purchases support the mining community from which they originate. In my jewellery I use recycled metals and sustainable packaging. Within my workshop I reuse and recycle materials and minimise my use of harmful materials in the making process. All my packaging is recycled and / or recyclable, and my high end wooden gift boxes are handcrafted from wood sourced from a sustainable and managed forest. 


Earth ring greenish yellow zircon diagonal set in brushed yellow gold box

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