My Hope collection is inspired by new beginnings. The spinel gemstones are cut in the form of a flower, inspired by a design originally cut by Marco Voltolini. They represent the blossoming of a new season, and the reawakening of the Earth after the winter. The sterling silver settings support the blossoming gems, providing protection from outside threats, while maximising the display of their beautiful muted pastel colours.

Hope collection banner

The ethically sourced spinel gemstones at the centre of the collection have been individually cut from their rough form by me, and are beautifully displayed in handmade settings made from recycled sterling silver. The frosted finish on the silver reflects the detail on the gemstones, enhancing their beauty. 

This is a limited collection. Each of the pieces that is displayed on my website is a one off, as the nature of gem cutting meaning that no two gems are the same. Because of this, once they are gone they are gone. 

 Which one is destined for you?