jewellery sizing

Buying jewellery online gives you so much more choice, but one common concern is whether your lovely new jewellery will fit. I have put together some of information that I hope will help you in making your size decisions, and give you more confidence in your choice. Further down this page you will find information about ring sizing, necklace lengths, and some approaches to ensure that the jewellery you choose will be right for you.
Try not to worry too much though. If one of our collection pieces doesn’t fit, I would be happy to offer an exchange or refund. This may not be possible for bespoke items, however, so do have a look at my terms and conditions for all the information you need.  


The best way to find out your ring size is to ask a professional jeweller to measure you. Most high street jewellers will be happy to do this. There are a few points that are worth remembering:

  • Your finger size will vary a little depending whether it is warm or cold, so it is worth being measured on more than one occasion in different weather conditions.
  • A wide ring will feel tighter on the finger than a narrow ring, so for wide rings you should consider going up a size or two. If possible ask to be measured with a wide ring gauge to give the most accurate size. This also applies to multiple rings being worn together.
  • A well fitting ring should slide on easily, and come off with just a little wiggling. If the ring comes off too easily there is a risk of losing it. A ring that is too small can get stuck or potentially affect the circulation of blood in the finger.

If it is not possible to be measured professionally, you can order a ring sizer here.

Adjusting the size of your ring

If you find that the size you have ordered is not correct, or you think the ring needs adjusting let me know. This is usually possible for rings that do not contain gemstones, but may be very difficult or impossible for gemstone-set rings. There will usually be an additional charge for ring resizing. If the gemstones need to be removed and reset this can be expensive so it’s well worth making the effort to get accurately measured before placing your order!

necklace lengths

The standard necklace lengths are shown below:

  • 40cm (16 inches)
  • 45cm (18 inches)
  • 50cm (20 inches)
  • 55cm (22 inches)
  • 60cm (24 inches)

Many of our items come with a fixed chain length, but for some of our collection items and for bespoke items it may be possible to order different chain lengths, just ask us if you are interested in something in particular.

If you are unsure which chain length to order, or what a particular length would look like on you, we suggest you try measuring some of your own chains to see what length they are. Alternatively you can get a rough idea by cutting a piece of string or wool to a specific length, and holding it around your neck to mimic the necklace!