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About Fiona

Founder of Wise Fig Jewellery, designer and maker

My journey to making jewellery is a little unusual. I started my working life by training and working as a doctor, then specialising as an eye surgeon. After a few years at the top, while looking for a bit of “me time” alongside my busy job and frantic family life, I stumbled upon a silver jewellery making course, and was immediately hooked! After putting together a small workshop at home I was able to start honing my skills, and working out what sort of jewellery suited me.


As my abilities grew, it quickly became evident that my previous career had furnished me with many of the skills I required as a jeweller: precision, problem solving, perseverance, and patience. I am finding my style and path, but am not afraid of trying new approaches which makes life great fun.

Along the way I have also developed a fascination with the beautiful gemstones I have come across. I was hungry to learn more, and signed up for the Gemmological Association of Great Britain’s Foundation course in Gemmology, which I have recently finished, and which I was successful in achieving the CertGA (Certificate in Gemmology) status (with an A!!). I have now moved onto the Diploma in Gemmology, working towards the FGA (Fellow of the Gemmological Association) status. The more I learn, the more enthralled I get with the amazing selection of gems out there, and the more I want to pass that appreciation onto my customers.

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