When I began making jewellery I was a bit clueless. I knew that I wanted to make lovely jewellery with gorgeous gemstones, but it was only once I started out that I realised that I knew next to nothing about gemstones. Yes, I knew that rubies were red, emeralds were green, and sapphires were blue, weren’t they? But the world of gem dealers was a bit overwhelming. How on earth could I tell what I was buying, and potentially selling onto my customers? I hated feeling so uninformed, and decided I had a responsibility to know more. 

Never one to do things by halves, I signed up for the Foundation in Gemmology course with Gem-A, the oldest institute providing gemmological education in the world. As the course started, my life changed. I suddenly realised how much there was to know, and what an amazing world was out there. I learned about what gemstones were, the chemicals they were made up from, and how their crystals formed. I was taught how the light passes through the gems, and how each individual material alters that light differently. I was shown how to use some of that information to work out what a gem might be, how appearance is helpful but can sometimes be misleading, and which tests don’t lie. Oh, and I found out that yes, sapphire is blue, but it is also pink, orange, yellow, green, white, and purple. To name just a few……..

You can see why I was hooked!


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