caring for gemstones

Each of the gemstones I cut is unique. I believe it is important to be open about the calibre and appearance of my gemstones, and I will be very clear in my descriptions when a gem is loupe clean (no obvious inclusions can be seen by 10x loupe), eye clean (no obvious inclusions can be seen by eye), or included. Inclusions are common in natural gemstones and I believe add to the character and story of the gem. I want my customers to be overjoyed with their purchases, so if you are not completely satisfied with your gemstone, please get in touch by email, at

looking after gemstones

Advice for jewellers

All the gemstones we sell though Wise Fig Gems are suitable for use in jewellery, but we suggest consideration of the appropriate type of jewellery for each individual gemstone. Generally softer gemstones and highly included stones would not be suitable for jewellery that gets a lot of daily wear such as engagement rings. Within Wise Fig Jewellery we have a policy of avoiding any gemstone with a Mohs value of less than 8 for heavy wear jewellery items.

Care needs to be taken in the workshop to protect the gemstones from damage when working the jewellery and setting the stones. Even the harder gemstones are vulnerable to damage from knocks and strikes with tools, and particular care should be taken to ensure that thin girdles are protected during the setting process. Some of the commonly used jewellery polishing media can also abrade the surface of the gemstone and destroy their polish.

A damaged stone would require recutting and repolishing, which will incur a fee, and always results in a loss of size and weight, adversely affecting the value of the gemstone. 

General advice for customers 

Your gemstone jewellery needs to be treated with care. We suggest removing jewellery before engaging in physical activity such as swimming, using the gym or gardening. Check your jewellery regularly to ensure that gemstones are not becoming loose, and let your jeweller know if you have any concerns. The gemstones themselves will scratch if abraded. It is recommended that silver dips are avoided for jewellery containing gemstones. 

Beauty products including hand sanitiser and perfume can react with metal causing tarnish or skin discolouration. Always put on your jewellery last, after all clothing and cosmetics, and store it carefully in the boxes we provide. 



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